Throne arm chair

Feb 04, 2018. 16:47 UTC
Throne arm chair


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To my understanding, this beautiful arm chair was made for the person who represented Queen victoria for the Charlottetown conférence with the Founding Father's of Canada.



Answered within about 11 hours
Feb 05, 04:16 UTC
By Erin-Marie Wallace
The specialist needs more information

Dear Claudia,
Greetings and thank you for your submission. While I am researching this piece for you, can you tell me a little about how it came to be in your possession? I am trying to substantiate the provenance as it will effect the value, perhaps a little more history on how you came to it will assist.


Claudia dubreuil Feb 05, 14:01 UTC

Hi, my mother collected beautiful antiques during her life. I remember her buying it around 1970 to 72. I do not know anything else. But she always said that it was unique......alot of antique dealers would call her when they had something out of the ordinary, She was a buyer and had an eye for it.

Erin-marie wallace Feb 05, 14:01 UTC

Dear Claudia - Without being able to substantiate the provenance of this piece I compare it to auction results for 19th century carved oak chairs which include a coat of arms. With this comparison, I would estimate the value of your example between $3500USD - $4000USD. If you have any follow-up questions, you will find me available.

Most Sincerely,


Claudia dubreuil Feb 05, 14:04 UTC

Would you have any buyers for it?

Erin-marie wallace Feb 05, 14:09 UTC

She really did have one heck of an eye because the quality of the carving is "top notch"! Were I you, I would begin by locating someone who can decipher the coat of arms, which is flanked by lions and surmounted by a coronet or crown denoting the rank of the owner. With that known the rest should begin to fall into place which could easily raise the estimate.

Erin-marie wallace Feb 05, 14:11 UTC

I currently do not have a buyer in mind for this, I would also caution you against selling it until the owner of the coat of arms has been established as it may be worth much more than the quality of carving.


Claudia dubreuil Feb 05, 14:13 UTC

are you able to research this piece. If not, how do i go about it?

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