This table was found in a home that was raided by police for human trafficking. it was the only piece of furniture in the house! i have chinese speaking neighbors whom i asked to decipher the calligraphy on the top of the table they could not read all of it because of its age and the fact that that particular writing is no longer used so that gave me a clue as to the table's age, it was rather old, possibly from the turn of the century. but more intriguing was what my neighbors said that the portion that they could read said something about the table was for a meeting of the higher-ups or the elite so it could be that the table was made especially for a meeting and wouldn't it be something if it had prominence! hopefully you'll be able to translate or decipher all of the characters on the table. i don't know what material was used on the top of the table for the writing or the calligraphy to be stamped into but it seems to be covered with some sort of finish that has cracked off in a number of places the table is beat up here and there chipped and so on but i'm more concerned with what the actual table says on the top and there might be some real true value to the table, the other interesting thing is of course the table was found after a police raid on a human trafficking home so there's a possibility that people involved may have had this table from somewhere that was possibly stolen or worth a lot of money or it could just be junk? (and i don't mean a boat), haha. i took only (3) pictures of the table before i put it in storage i can go take more pictures but i just want your opinion before i go through all the hassle of carting it off some place to be appraised. thank you very much for your consideration i await your communication, thank you

Oct 07, 2021. 22:40 UTC
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Hardwood, possibly cherry. Clawleg/ some gold hand painting on all four sides. The top is rather unusual it's all chinese writing, like out of a newspape, with different size font for different paragraphs. Like a collection of statements from different sources. There are several entries however the pattern does repeat. As I mentioned before, my chinese neighbors translated some of the writing, but not much do to the fact that the writing charicatures were obsolete (old style) and not used since circa 1900-. What they could read said "this table is for a meeting of the "higher-up's" or elite, or rulers. And that is the whole reason I want to research it! Imagine the provenance if a photo was found of Mao Zedong , Chiang Kai-shek, or Zhou Enlai, sitting at this table! Anythings possible nowadays.


It was left (as I stated before ) in a home after a police raid for human trafficing. It was the only piece of furnature in the house! Just a TV some random bedding and dishes pots and pans.

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