This is a nautical oil...

Sep 23, 2017. 21:49 UTC
This is a nautical oil... Img 6470 Img 6469 Img 6471
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This is a nautical oil painting 30" wide by 20" wide. There is a barely visible signature of M Dawson in the lower left corner. On the back in pencil are two titles, "The Q Ship" and "The Trap" and a date of 1918. I'm wondering if this is an authentic Montague Dawson.


I found this painting at a thrift store amongst a group of paintings that seemed to come from an estate. There was a very aged auction tag on the back with a number. When researching the painting I found that it last sold in the 1960's at auction and was said to be in a Louisiana private collection. Somehow it ended up in a New Orleans, Louisiana thrift store where I purchased it.

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Oct 06, 10:56 UTC
By Mark Haasnoot

Dear Sir,
I found the painting. I was sold at auction not too long ago. It was sold as 'style of' Apparently the auctioneer didnot believe in the authenticity of this lot. Neither do I to be frank.
We can offer it as 'circle of'

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