The man from snowy river and other versus

Feb 20, 2018. 07:24 UTC
The Man From Snowy River And Other Versus

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Hardcover book approx 20cm tall, 15cm wide. Bit worse for wear but readable. Printed in 1901 by angus & robertson.


Family member gave it to me over 35 years ago

Answered within about 8 hours
Feb 20, 15:15 UTC
By Erin-Marie Wallace

Fair Market Value

$50 - $60 AUD

Insurance Value

$110 AUD
What does this mean?

Dear Camille - This is certainly a well read book from your family archive! The first edition was printed in 1895, yours is a smidge later. In excellent condition this book has a retail price in the range of $50 - $60AUD, placing yours in the $10-$20AUD range. Enjoy it, love it and when you have time, read it.



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