The Battle of Memphis

Mar 10, 2021. 14:50 UTC
The Battle of Memphis
Frederick Lyle Von Thrauthemburg Morris
United States of America


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Historic battle of Memphis, 30x40 oil on canvas, on exhibit at the Mid-South Art Gallery



Painted around 2019, purchased by the Morgan Collection, had exhibited in Aschaffenburg and Frankfurt Germany, currently (2021) on exhibit at the Mid-South artist gallery. Several of Lyle's paintings have been added to the Christian Brothers permanent Collection. Mrs. P. Collin has added three "ships" at sea paint by Lyle. St. Francis Hospital also has a variety of paintings by Lyle. Fine Art America has over 200 listings for "Frederick Lyle Morris", Lyle has also made the front page of the Bartlett Press, Bartlett Weekly and on-line platforms such as "ebay" and other platforms.

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Mar 13, 16:24 UTC
By Karine SH

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$2,000 - $3,000 USD

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$0 USD
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Dear Frederick,

Based on the photographs and information provided, and subject to examination, please find below an estimation of your painting:

The appraised oil painting is by Frederick Lyle Morris (20th Century), depicting the battle of Memphis and executed in 2019. It measures 30"(h) x 40"(w). The condition appears to be excellent overall.
This work is currently part of the Morgan Collection and is exhibited at the Mid-South Art Gallery.

The estimation highlighted in red above is based on comparables. The subject work’s size, composition, condition, and the artists’ current auction market were taken into consideration when determining the estimate. In many cases, pricing for similar items available on the primary (retail) market vary and are often higher than secondary (auction) market examples.

Best regards,


Frederick lyle von thrauthemburg morris morris Mar 24, 16:38 UTC

Painting currently on Exhibit at the Mid-South Art Gallery, will be moved to Gallery 1091 Memphis, in April 2021. Three paintings by this artist recently sold to the highest bidder at the Memphis Botanical Garden Auction.

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