The andes by t j somerscales

Sep 21, 2018. 20:52 UTC
The Andes by T J Somerscales
United States of America


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It is 14” high by 22” wide oil painting



Answered within about 1 hour
Sep 21, 21:39 UTC
By Klaus

Fair Market Value

$20,000 - $40,000 USD

Insurance Value

$60,000 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a topographical painting by Thomas Jacques SOMERSCALES (1842-1927)
depicting a valley in Chile with the Andes beyond, possibly late 1870s. The artist is well known for his marine paintings but his views from Chile have sold very successfully at auction as well. The painting in your possession might have been cut down in size, which might explain the missing signature. The paper label on the backside might lead to a plausible provenance. A fresh to the market painting like this should attract bids from south american collectors. If offered in specialized topographical art auction the high estimate should be within reach. The highest bid in recent history was 120000 for a large canvas. Thanks for showing, a beautiful painting.

Susannah monahon Sep 22, 13:02 UTC

Hello Klaus,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. That is exciting news! I wanted to add that there is a signature in the lower right corner in red and a date I sent a photo but perhaps it didn’t show up well. There is also a date. It’s hard o read but looks like 1897. There is some damage to the painting in the form of tiny dents and a pinhole. I also sent a photo of that. Do these two facts alter the appraisal you gave ?
Thanks for your time ,
Susannah Monahin

Susannah monahon Sep 22, 13:07 UTC

I would also like some more guidance on what the process involes to sell it. Do you have a list of auction houses that would be interested in a painting like this?

Juan allard Dec 03, 18:58 UTC

Deat Susannah, In case you would like to sell this painting, not paying the auction house premium, I am interested and would be in conditions to make an offer. My name is Juan Allard and my email is [email protected] Thanks and best regards.
Juan Allard

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