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Jan 11, 2018. 19:52 UTC
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Each and every piece is hand painted in the same theme, but different pictures. The cups are extremely fragile, almost translucent.


I bought this set from an antique store in Alabama about 50 years ago.

Answered within 1 day
Jan 12, 20:02 UTC
By Nora Curl
The specialist needs more information

In order to properly assess what you have I will need to please see images of your tea set. Please send them here at your convenience.

Deneece butler Jan 12, 23:44 UTC

Already sent 3 photos.

Nora curl Jan 13, 15:30 UTC

There are no images showing here on the posting.

Deneece butler Jan 14, 21:56 UTC

Okay. I'll resend.

Nora curl Jan 14, 21:57 UTC

Thank you

Deneece butler Jan 14, 22:03 UTC

I did resend, but I'm not sure all three of them went through. Also, the way I resent them required another $15.00 charge. Can you refund?
Some information I failed to add to the listing: It started out to be service for 12, but 6 cups got broken in shipment. Set now includes 12 of everything else, plus teapot, sugar and creamer, serving plate.

Nora curl Jan 14, 22:07 UTC

Yes, I will send you request to admin for you. ~Nora

Deneece butler Jan 14, 22:10 UTC

Did all three photos get through?

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