Star drop earrings

Nov 19, 2019. 20:48 UTC
Star drop earrings
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The earrings are compiled with three natural rubies per earring with two leaves on the bottom of the natural rubies encrusted with diamonds the drop down to a seven pointed star with a tulip drop off the bottom of the stars the star is encrusted with diamonds as well as the leaves where the rubies are there is no markings to be found it appears that there might have been markings on the inside of one of the stars on the back cannot make it out if it was a marking they appear to be gold and possibly platinum and they are 3 1/2 inches long each piece is each piece where there is Ruby is about half an inch long and then the star is from top to bottom one and a half inches long and across the star is one and a half there’s no glue or anything of the sort on the back part holding the Rubys . And there is five diamonds on each point of the star and there is seven diamonds around the inside of one diamond then there is a bigger diamond right below the Rubys the leaves containSix diamonds per Leaf so that is a total of 81 diamonds and 3 rubies per earring. The post extends out to 1/2 inch I do not know how much they weigh if I were to guess I would say around 10/15 grams total.


I have no idea been told by another jeweler on line that they probably date back to 1700’s

Answered within about 12 hours
Nov 20, 08:37 UTC
By Sabrina Vinther

Fair Market Value

$800 - $1,200 USD

Insurance Value

$2,000 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Ila,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. So that I may best assist you, can you please upload a few better images of where the pin for the earrings is - I cannot see from the photographs how you wear these.


Ila sunfield Nov 20, 09:59 UTC

I just added 4 more
Let me know if you want more
Thank you

Sabrina vinther Nov 20, 16:49 UTC

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

It is a beautiful pair of earrings. Such antique earrings are being offered at auction on a regular basis.
The design and size of the earrings is quite unusual however very beautiful. The rubys look like they have the right colour and the cut suits the design of the earrings. The stars at the base of the earrings give them a sparkle which is enhanced by the star design. All in all a very beautiful pair of earrings. I believe they were made around the 1800s - not quite the 1700s but close. Though there are many diamonds in the earrings they are quite small which influences the price.

The estimate provided is for a well-advertised specialised online jewellery auction, where I believe the earrings has the best chance of realising its fullest potential. However, there is no measurement for the sentimental value you might attach to the beautiful antique earrings. Retail "asking prices" can be higher and vary.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I’m happy to help.
Thank you

Ila sunfield Nov 20, 22:36 UTC

Thank you so very much, I was hoping that the appraisal was more. But 1,200 is good. I do have other items for mearto to look at. I am trying to decide what to do next. Thank you again. There is One more question is there a reason why there is no hallmark stamp or other stamps on the earrings?

Ila sunfield Nov 20, 22:39 UTC

One more thing how do I sell earrings ?

Sabrina vinther Nov 21, 08:35 UTC

Dear Ila,
The reason there are no stamps on the metal may be due to the age of the earrings.

Your item will be presented for several auction houses, but they tend only to be interested in items worth more than $1000. So perhaps wait a few days to see if they contact you otherwise I would recommend eBay for these kinds of items because of the extended amount of buyers on the platform. 

Kind regards

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