Souvenier of Naples
16 May 2018

2 dolls, composite material, moving eyes (back & forth, open & close), 25” tall, 6” wide, jointed arms & legs, used to cry when tipped, one blonde, one brunette


My father bought them in Naples when I born. I've had them for over 62 years.

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For sale
Answered within 21 minutes
By Nora Curl
May 16, 01:10 UTC
Fair Market Value
$200 - $350 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
What does this mean?

This is a pair of vintage, mid 20th century, late 1950's, souvenir dolls from Naples, Italy that are done with a thin composition or celluloid head, mohair wigs, hand (machine) sewn dresses with hand painted decoration. They each jointed with sleeper eyes and they are of an unusual large size, standing 26" tall each. The voice box in each no longer works. The antique and collectible doll market is currently slumped. Dolls do not sell for what they used to sell for a few decades ago and the market was further impacted by the Recession. The tall size of each is what drives the value on these. The estimate is for the pair together is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail 'asking prices' can be higher and vary.

Nora curl May 16, 01:12 UTC

Please check the backside (torso and neck) of each doll for any maker marks as well as under the dresses in the back for any tags or labels.
What a *very small world*. Although is based in Denmark, I am actually on Pymatuning Lake in Jamestown, PA....I do my groceries in Hermitage!

Loree pyle May 16, 13:59 UTC

Nora: I won't be home until after 7pm tonite....I will do so when I get there!! Small world, isn't it?? lol

Nora curl May 16, 15:51 UTC

Any time is fine, no rush

Loree pyle May 17, 16:43 UTC

Nora, I didn’t get home until late last nite, will check tonite!!

Nora curl May 17, 17:55 UTC

Sounds good - enjoy the beautiful day we are having in the area

Loree pyle May 17, 22:55 UTC

I am now!! Lol. Anyway, I took pics, no labels & their clothes are STRAIGHT PINNED into their bodies!! I took pics??

Nora curl May 18, 16:54 UTC

Thank you for checking

Loree pyle May 18, 17:25 UTC

Thank you for your appraisal!!

Nora curl May 18, 17:26 UTC

You are very welcome :)

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