Southeast asian (indonesian? philippine?) basket

Apr 14, 2021. 22:04 UTC
Southeast Asian (Indonesian? Philippine?) basket
United States of America

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This is a large basket of rattan(?) and bamboo and decorated with what was originally red and black ikat-patterned fabric, now faded to violet. It has 3 "layers" that fit together (beautifully) like a steamer. It has a domed lid and carved handle in the shape of a duck or goose. (It came with a "scoop", but I'm not sure if it even goes with the piece because it seems too deep to scoop anything from this basket--I include the dimensions of it anyway) Measurements: Overall height: 24" Diameter: 20.75" Height of 2 of the segments: 6 7/8" Height of 3rd segment : 7.5" Scoop dimensions: Length: 21", Depth: 6", Width: 13"



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Apr 16, 14:53 UTC
By Leah I.

Fair Market Value

$75 - $150 USD

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$225 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for contacting Mearto. This is a decorated woven layered basket with cover and intricate handle. The ladle appears to be like those used for scooping rice, but much larger. Bamboo steamers are similar in shape to this piece, but it does look like there is not much room between the fibers for steam to escape. Perhaps it is for storing or carrying food. In design, it resembles Indonesian basketry. In comparison with similar items sold at auction, the Fair Market Value of this piece is between $75 and $150.

Elaine camin Apr 19, 20:10 UTC

Thank you Leah. Would you have any idea as to how old it is? I have never seen anything like it, online or since. It seems strange to me that the size and format are so unusual.

Leah i. Apr 20, 12:24 UTC

Hi Elaine,

I was searching around to try to find out, and I came across "Chinese wedding baskets." If you google that, you'll see what I found! I think that's what this is. I would be guessing if I gave you a date. From the condition, maybe 50-100 years old?



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