Small bronze or brass statue of a god?

Feb 07, 2018. 23:24 UTC
Small bronze or brass statue of a god?
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This statue is approximately 5.5" tall, the base approximately 3.75" wide, and the statue is approximately 1" from to back. It weighs approximately 1 pound 0.9 ounces. It could be either bronze or brass.


I really don't know anything about this statue. It was purchased at an estate sale...someone thought it might be from India. Is it a god or a mythological character? I couldn't identify it but maybe you can.

Answered within about 20 hours
Feb 08, 19:15 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$50 - $150 USD

Insurance Value

$200 USD
What does this mean?

This is a cast brass metal figural of a Hindu deity. It is 20th century, likely produced in India and made for personal home shrine use. Hinduism is a way of life with a pantheon of 330 million gods and goddesses. This is the god Bhairava; he is associated with annihilation and is a protector women and the timid. The name means fearful which is to be one who destroys fear and is beyond fear.
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Virginia hopkins Feb 08, 19:29 UTC

Thanks so much for your appraisal. I have little knowledge of pieces of this sort and appreciate so much being able to consult with you at Mearto. This information is very helpful...thanks again.

Nora curl Feb 08, 23:48 UTC

You are very welcome and my pleasure to be of help to you here on this.

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