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Aug 18, 2021. 12:14 UTC
Silver syrup picture
United States of America

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This is an Academy silver na copper tea pot. I believe from 1778


This is well maintainedwith natural varnish

Answered within about 23 hours
Aug 19, 11:22 UTC
By Delia

Fair Market Value

$50 - $75 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$75 USD
What does this mean?

Hi Mariasela,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
Based on the photos and information provided, and subject to examination, this is:

A Neoclassical style silver plated condiment pitcher
Made by Southington Cutlery Co., late 19th/early 20th Century
Of circular section and conical form, surmounted by a domed cover (lid) with Sphinx finial, curved thumb-rest, figural handle, the body with etched decoration, on a circular foot.
8 inches tall
CONDITION: with an oxidized patina
*represents a fair-market value for auction purposes; retail or asking price may vary.

Please let us know if you have additional items to appraise, and thank you again for using Mearto

Mariasela mekosky Aug 19, 14:14 UTC

I'm sorry about that hopefully these are better . And it is roughly 8 inches tall

Mariasela mekosky Aug 19, 20:44 UTC

Is this value accurate at 0.00. ??

Delia Aug 19, 20:45 UTC

Hi Mariasela, I haven't finished researching this yet.

Delia Aug 20, 11:07 UTC

You're all set, Mariasela, thanks very much.

Mariasela mekosky Aug 20, 14:47 UTC

Thank you . When I asked it had shown. As complete. Then it changed to in review . Thank you

Mariasela mekosky Aug 20, 14:48 UTC

I do have a few other peices I would like done. Is purchasing the 3 pack (most affordable) the best option?

Mariasela mekosky Aug 20, 14:49 UTC

I do have a few other peices I would like done. Is purchasing the 3 pack (most affordable) the best option?

Delia Aug 20, 14:55 UTC

We offer bulk rates on 3, 5, 10 and 50 items so hopefully there's a package that works best for your needs.
Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to helping you with more appraisals!

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