Silk screen

Mar 16, 2020. 19:02 UTC
Silk screen
United States of America


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19.5" x 10.5” Framed




Answered within about 20 hours
Mar 17, 14:39 UTC
By Sara S

Fair Market Value

$30 - $200 USD

Insurance Value

$0 USD
What does this mean?

Hello again Jonathan.

This item appears to be a gouache painting rather than a print. However, it may be a woodblock. If you are able to remove the item from the frame and examine it further, we may be able to better identify the item.

I do not see any signature or publishing information, which may be hidden under the frame, as well. If you decide to remove the item from the frame, please let me know if you find anything. Without artist attribution, it is difficult to provide a narrow estimation. Therefore, I am only able to provide a general valuation.

The scene depicts an Asian genre scene of a salt harvest with snow capped mountains in the background. Based on the Asian conical hats in the scene, I believe the scene is Vietnamese or Chinese. The work appears to date to the 1900s - 1940s based on the amount of foxing and other condition issues.

The estimate provided is based on recent auction estimates of similar genre scene paintings without artist attribution, dating to the early - mid 20th century. Again, please let me know if you unearth any findings under the frame. Thank you.

Jonathan rieg May 24, 17:31 UTC

Hi i Added four more images with out the frame :-)

Sara s May 26, 01:33 UTC

Hi Jonathan, Thank you for upload additional images. This item is definitely a watercolor or gouache painting rather than a print.

Jonathan rieg May 27, 00:33 UTC

So the price is closer to?

Sara s May 27, 01:17 UTC

Hello Jonathan. The estimate provided is based on the item being a painting, not a print. The $30 - 200 range covers many genre scenes, all of which are not attributed to a specific artist. The range provided is the narrowest estimate possible with the information the item provides.

Jonathan rieg Jan 17, 23:28 UTC

You think this is a Gouache Painting? :-)

Sara s Jan 18, 00:07 UTC

Hi Jonathan,
Without an in-person examination, it is can be difficult to determine mediums or material. Based on the images upload, it does appear to be a gouache, watercolor, or ink painting.

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