Seiko melodies in motion musical wall clock with 18 melodies

May 15, 2019. 17:44 UTC
Seiko Melodies in Motion Musical Wall Clock with 18 Melodies
United States of America


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clock plays one of 18 songs every hour. Rotation pendulum with swarovski crystals. 17'x'16x5' Battery operated


My dad received it from his mother in law

$200 - $300 (United States Dollar)
Answered within about 9 hours
May 16, 02:50 UTC
By David

Hello Sara,
Thank you for sending in your Seiko musical clock for an appraisal. I shall try to help you with that this evening.
Brushed silvered and gilt, battery operated quartz, musical wall clock with Swarovski crystals, “Melodies in Motion-Claudette” model automaton wall clock, Ref. QXM531BRH, made by the Japanese clockmaker, Seiko, made in Thailand, modern era.
CASE - This is an ovoid shaped wall clock measuring 17''x 16"x 5", with dark stained wooden or metal frame enclosing the silvered and gilt design around the dial. Above the dial is the ‘Seiko’ marking, “Melodies in Motion” flanked by white Christmas bells. To the sides of the dial and below are the gilt steeples of churches and classical columns below. Just below the six on the dial is a portal through which one enters this magical place and it is filled with the crystals of the pendulum bob as it turns in circles flanked by its own reflections on both sides.
DIAL - There is a kaleidoscope type of dial with white chapter ring and Arabic hours which are divided into six sections. On the hour the six sections begin to rotate like six fans turning while one of six melodies play according to the owner’s setting. There are 18 melodies divided into three sections of six tunes. The settings in the back are A, B, & C representing either six Pop tunes, six Classical themes or six Christmas melodies. These melodies play with alterations in lighting and the six rotating parts of the hour chapter functioning as a turning automaton. All of this activity and sound take place around a wonderful dial center filled with red and blue Swarovski crystals again a gilded background and Fleur-de-lys gilt dials. The faceted gilt hands are in the ‘dauphin-spade’ design. There is a light sensor on the front of the clock (it turns the clock off in the dark) and a volume control at the rear.
MOVEMENT - A battery operated quartz movement drives the crystalline pendulum bob to continue to turn in circles in addition to the automaton functions of the dial and the playing of the music hourly.
The Seiko Company comes out with a new model once a year, but all essentially work on the same principal. This example is in very fine condition and is considered fully functional.
Comparing this example to other similar clocks the fair market value of this model would be in the range of $200-$300. The retail price would be close to double that figure.
I hope this information has been of some help to you.
Best wishes with this clock and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

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