Schecter (diamond series) bass guitar

Jan 22, 2020. 20:19 UTC
Schecter (diamond series) Bass Guitar
United States of America

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This Bass Guitar is autographed by all members of Motley Crue EXCEPT Tommy Lee. I purchased it, brand new from a WZLX GOLF TOURNAMENT AUCTION. It has never had The strings changed and has never been played or handled much except for when moving. And I handled it and wrapped it myself in plastic while transporting it in my own personal vehicle from one place to the next. I lost the certificate of authenticity, but I’m sure the radio station could provide another fairly easily.


It is a brand new Bass Guitar never previously owned. It was signed by the band Motley Crue as a charity auction item.

$600 - $1,000 (United States Dollar)
Answered within about 18 hours
Jan 23, 13:55 UTC
By Trey

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. Based on the photographs, this is a signed Schecter Raiden Special-4 bass guitar bearing the signatures of Motley Crue members Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, and Mick Mars and an inscription indicating the autograph was provided to Boston radio station WZLX.

The condition of the piece is excellent, with no damage noted. The autograph styles appear to match known copies of signatures of the band members named, but definitive authentication by a reputable third-party such as PSA would be advisable. This appraisal does assume the signatures to be authentic, so a COA would not increase the value estimated here.

In determining the value of this piece, the following factors were taken into account. This model of guitar is not a professional-grade instrument and is a budget-model guitar. The piece is missing the signature of Tommy Lee, as his signature would increase the value. Also, there is no indication that the guitar was played or otherwise used by the signers.

Based on auction sales of similar items, Fair Market Value of this guitar in an auction setting (a pre-auction estimate) would be $600 to $1,000 USD.

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