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Rado watch 18kt. gold



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Mar 07, 02:09 UTC
By David

Fair Market Value

$1,000 - $1,250 USD

Insurance Value

$2,250 USD
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Hello Luis,
Thank you for sending in this wristwatch to mearto.com for an appraisal. I shall try to help you with that tonight.
Gents, gold and diamond and ceramic, self-winding, wristwatch with tree bark dial and leather strap, Anatom model (see notes) made by Rado, Switzerland, circa 1980
Case: size not provided and not told whether this is a mans or women’s watch. This is a rectangular watch with short straight lugs. On the façade of the case there is dark and gold ceramic with the top and bottom of the bezel having a turned gold bar attached which then forms the wire lug that holds the black crocodile leather strap. There is a fluted gold crown and a screwed down gold back cover which has two small markings which are illegible in these photos. I am told this is 18k gold but I do not see the 0.750 mark for 18k gold in either of these markings. Perhaps it is shown on the inside of the cover which I am not shown. The back cover does not carry the usual markings of Rado watches. The crown has the Rado logo of the moving anchor. The case when looked at from the side is slightly curved
Dial: This is a rectangular gilt tree bark textured dial inset with four diamonds, one at each of the quarter hours. The diamonds at twelve and six are flanked by golden wings. The upper dial is marked Rado and the base of the dial is marked Swiss with gilt Dauphin hands.
Movement: Not shown and I will make the assumption that this is a swiss made standardized and timed quartz movement.
Condition: Case – an atypical Rado case with indistinct hallmarks. Usually, Rado marks the style and model with their name on the back cover. Scratches are moderate. The ceramic and gold bracelet normally associated with this watch has been replaced by a black leather strap. Dial – In very good condition. Movement – Not shown. Size not provided.
The Anatom was the first Rado watch that exhibited a curved ergonomic form in order to embrace the wrist with “anatomical perfection”. The design of the Anatom dial is reduced to retain its minimalism; the twelve-hour markers are replaced by four small diamonds and the minute scale is done away with altogether. Although the gold color forms a strong contrast to the black dial surround, the hands appear restrained, due to their small size. The Anatom was introduced in 1981.
The original Rado Jubilee gold and diamond watch is now called the Rado Diamond wristwatch
I will make the assumption, since you really do not show me the inside of this watch nor provide the size or age, that the case is truly 18k gold and not gold plated and that the watch is a genuine Rado despite the atypical back cover. If all of that is true then the fair market value if you offer this for sale would be in the range of 1000-$1250 with demerits for the lack of the ceramic bracelet and lack of common markings on the back cover. Retail value may be about twice that amount.
Thank you for choosing mearto.com
My best,

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