Qum silk carpet

Oct 18, 2020. 16:55 UTC
Qum silk carpet

Persian carpets

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Hello, I bought this rug in Afghanistan in 2003 from a man who had owned it for at least 20 years, making it at least 50 years old. I include description and pictures. I understand a true appraisal would require a physical inspection but I would like to have a rough bracket of value. Thank you for your time. Very high quality silk on silk with around 1089 (33x33) knots per square inch (KPI). At least 6 different colors are used. Quite large, dimensions are: 51.5in (131cm) x 80in (203cm). You can see the back is a mirror image of the front, indicating its high quality. The rug is at least 50 years old, probably more. It is signed by one of the most famous makers in Qum, Iran. It is in excellent condition with no color fading or running and almost no wear as it was hung on walls for almost all of its life. Kindest regards, Michel


Bought from a private owner in Afghanistan in 2003

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