Pronouncing parallel bible, from the middle to late 1800

Nov 01, 2020. 19:42 UTC
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The Bible has the original family birth and death records. It was owned by the Chamberlin family. The oldest child named is Ira F. Chamberlin, born March 29 1855, married Ettie E. on January 22, 1879. Ira F. Chamberlin died January 8, 1931. The bible need to be restored. The front cover is missing and some of the pages are frayed. I am hoping to return it to a decedent of the family. The bible is about three inches thick and weights about five pound.


The bible has been in my family for more than sixty years My Aunt gave me the bible just before she died at the age of 85. My aunt's mother gave the bible to her.

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