Pre columbian artifact

May 13, 2020. 19:27 UTC
Pre Columbian Artifact
United States of America

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Statue standing 10" tall


Additional piece from my Dad's collection...

Answered within 1 day
May 14, 20:45 UTC
By Sara S

Fair Market Value

$50 - $300 USD

Insurance Value

$350 USD
What does this mean?

Hello again Camilla,

I am very sorry for the delay in your appraisal for some of your Pre Columbian items. I have asked for additional help from other specialist with identification so you may have other appraisers contacting you about your items. Also, I have asked some colleagues outside Mearto to help me identify some of your items, which is the cause of some of these delays. Again, I am very sorry about your wait.

This item appears to be a standing figure from the Manteño civilization (Ecuador). This object is a more abstract or crude example of other known figures. This could indicate a number of things from an earlier example, poor condition, or others.

Again, dating the item would require in-person examination. The estimate provided is based on recent auction estimates and results of similar figures in similar dimensions. Please note that dealer or private prices may vary. Further, estimates are contingent on condition and authenticity.

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