Pre columbian artifact

May 19, 2020. 19:14 UTC
Pre Columbian Artifact
United States of America

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2 stone statues: 1) stands at approximately 6.5" tall 2) stands at approximately 5.2" tall


Hi Sara, Thanks so much for getting back to me regarding the remainder of my Dad's collection. I am going to group as many like items as possible. Thanks again!

Answered within 7 days
May 26, 21:02 UTC
By Sara S

Fair Market Value

$400 - $1,500 USD

Insurance Value

$1,900 USD
What does this mean?

Hi Camilla,

This object appears to be a female figure in the late Classic Mayan style. A similar example is held in the San Diego Museum of Man collection. -,_Jaina_Style,_Late_Classic_Mayan_-_San_Diego_Museum_of_Man_-_DSC06869.JPG

The museum noted the object is a rattle and is likely from the Jaina Island site. I could not find auction
example of Jaina rattles. However, I did find several examples from the Veracruz region. The estimate is based on those examples in similar size.

Sara s May 26, 21:07 UTC

Oh sorry Camilla, I forgot to identify the other object. I'm so sorry. The second object appears to be a Jamacoaque figure, possibly just a figure or a simplified depiction of a warrior. I've edited the estimate to include both figures. However, the Jaina rattle would estimate to $300 - 1000 and the Jamacoaque figure would estimate to $100 - 500.

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