Possible majolica plate

Feb 04, 2018. 23:22 UTC
Possible Majolica Plate
United States of America

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This is just a plate that I picked up at an estate sale. It has an approximate 9" diameter and weighs approximately 14.5 ounces. I'm curious as to whether it is true majolica or not. I want to sell it but, because I don't know much about ceramics, I don't know what price to put on it.


I don't know its history...I bought it recently at an estate sale of a collector.

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Feb 04, 23:28 UTC
By Erin-Marie Wallace

Fair Market Value

$10 - $20 USD

Insurance Value

$30 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Virginia! I hope this finds you well. You have great timing as I am currently appraising a majolica collection for a museum in Florida. This is most certainly majolica, my hunch is German but give me a few moment to research it for you and I'll reply with more information.


Erin-Marie @Rare-Era

Erin-marie wallace Feb 04, 23:48 UTC

This is a German Majolica plate made by Zell, yours dates between 1907 - 1928. I would place it in the $10 - $20USD range. If you have any follow-up questions, just let me know.



Virginia hopkins Feb 05, 12:23 UTC

Thanks so much for your quick appraisal. Mearto is a wonderful resource...thanks again for your help!

Erin-marie wallace Feb 05, 13:50 UTC

You are quite welcome and we are thrilled that the service is of benefit to you.



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