Porcelain Blue and White Shallow Bowl on Pedestal

Mar 14, 2021. 20:57 UTC
Porcelain Blue and White Shallow Bowl on Pedestal
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This is a Canton, maybe or Nanking vintage footed bowl that measures 9 and 1/8 inches wide and 4 inches tall. It is in very good condition without chips or scratches, but it is slightly discolored at the bottom of the pedestal. There is no hallmark.



This is part of a collection of Chinese and other blue and white dishes that I bought at an antique store.

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Mar 16, 18:50 UTC
By Leah I.

Fair Market Value

$50 - $100 USD

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$0 USD
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Thank you for contacting Mearto. This is a “qinghua” (blue pattern) Chinese pedestal bowl. Blue and white decoration first became widely used in Chinese porcelain in the 14th century, after the cobalt pigment for the blue began to be imported from Persia.

This piece is in excellent condition. The lack of dynasty mark on the base could indicate that it was produced sometime after the early 1900s.

Auction sales of bowls like these vary based on condition and age. Based on similar items sold at auction, the Fair Market Value of this piece is between $50 and $100.

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