Percussion long rifle

Aug 29, 2021. 00:38 UTC
percussion long rifle
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Wooden stock with ?brass on butt end engraved with "98" or "86". Brass behind trigger engraved "W Newton". Overall length 54", barrel extends 28" beyond wooden part of gun. (I am not well versed in gun terminology".


The story goes that my father found it in a field in Southern Ohio, in the 1930's

Answered within 3 days
Aug 31, 20:07 UTC
By George
The specialist needs more information

Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. My sincere apologies for the delay with the apprisal.

So that I may best assist you, can you please upload detailed and focused images of all hallmarks, numbers, and stamps on the metal parts of the weapon? Thank you for your help.

With kind regards,

V bau Sep 02, 14:36 UTC

Please more detail on what more you need. The pictures I sent include all markings on the metal parts. I am most interested in an idea of the age/ history of this type gun and what the markings mean.

V bau Sep 15, 17:02 UTC

George, could you please respond?

V bau Oct 13, 04:42 UTC


V bau Oct 13, 04:57 UTC

This was the link you sent me for my appraisal. I do not see any information about the item.

Bo stuck Oct 13, 12:00 UTC


My sincerest apologies for the delay, George has left Mearto and I am the new antique weapons specialist. I am currently catching up on the backlog. This is a military pattern rifle from the mid 1800s. It was most likely sold as military surplus, and subsequently "sporterized," meaning that a gunsmith cut down the fore-end of the stock to lighten the gun, as well as removing the sling mounts and other accessory pieces. Newton is most likely the name of the gunsmith who performed the work. This was a very common practice for re-selling military guns on the civilian market. This piece is in distressed condition, with some significant corrosion on the barrel and lock area of the gun, and damage to the wood behind the action. It is missing the forward action screw. Given the condition of this piece, and completed auctions of similar items, a fair market estimation is 225-250 dollars. Please reach out with any questions.

Bo Stuck

V bau Oct 13, 17:02 UTC

Thank you so much for responding. I very much appreciate the information. Do you have any idea what the number (?98 or 86) means?

Bo stuck Oct 13, 17:18 UTC

It is most likely a serial number. The full serial number is usually on the barrel/lock plate, and the last couple digits are sometimes put on the other parts. I am not sure if that is the original butt plate to the rest of the gun though. Thanks again!

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