Pair of lamps made in germany

Jan 17, 2019. 04:04 UTC
Pair of lamps made in Germany
United States of America

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A pair of Tole and brass plated spelter metal or bronze lady lamps I don’t know which it is. And a glass globe between the lady and the light socket. It has a sticker that says made in Germany. Tall lamp like for a living room. I can’t measure them at this moment because I put them at a resale store. I would need to go and get the exact measurements later.


A couple that would buy and sell auctioned items were liquidating their warehouse yard sale style.

Answered within about 1 hour
Jan 17, 05:16 UTC
By Klaus

Fair Market Value

$150 - $300 USD

Insurance Value

$450 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a pair of table lamps in the style of an oil lamp, consisting of a brass base, a cast spelter karyatide figurine, a cut crystal oil lamp reservoir, with a paper sticker "made in US-Zone Germany" (1945-1948) and electric fittings. It looks like an assemblage of parts put together to produce a table lamp. Quite possible that existing parts were recycled shortly after the war. The estimate is based on similar items acutally sold at auction. Prices in the trade are usually higher and can vary.

Charlene robichaux Jan 18, 03:47 UTC

Would it be considered a rare item?

Charlene robichaux Jan 18, 03:50 UTC

I want to sell them but I need advice for the appropriate way and where to sell them.

Klaus Jan 31, 23:02 UTC

You can have it listed on this site or offer it locally. A photo with a plain grey backround might help. And another image of the karyatide figurine. Good luck!

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