Pair of lamps

Apr 29, 2018. 16:45 UTC
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United States of America

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Ceramic , 22”tallx 8””base


My mother acquired them from an estate sale in the 1960s.

Expert appraisals:
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$600 - $1,200 (United States Dollar)
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Apr 30, 20:18 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your items for appraisal. This appears to be a pair of lamps made from ceramic vases by Amphora-Werke Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel, Turn-Teplitz . Not being able to look at the unterside, this can only be a very strong attribution. There were a couple of other manufacturers in Bohemia working in this style. The estimate is based on similar items sold at auction. "Asking prices" in the trade can be higher and vary.

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