Pair of Chinese Porcelain Statues

Apr 01, 2021. 10:05 UTC
Pair of Chinese Porcelain Statues
United States of America

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These statues are 10.75 inches tall, 4.75 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep. The porcelain is designed like a floating cloud formation around the two girls who are offering something. There is a faded stamp underneath in red that includes "China". The porcelain with its flairs and curves around the figures is perfect without chips or breaks.



Unknown -- from antique dealer.

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Apr 02, 11:08 UTC
By Leah I.

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$75 - $150 USD

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What does this mean?

This is a pair of Chinese porcelain figures. One holds two oranges (see information about symbolism below), the other holds a pipe. They wear jade and gold pendants. They are ensconced in stylized cloud motifs, indicating that they are immortals.

Based on sales of similar items, the Fair Market Value of this pair is between $75 and $150.

As with so much in Chinese culture, it comes down to wordplay. In Cantonese, the pronunciation of gat1 (桔, “mandarin oranges”) is the same as gat1 (吉, “auspiciousness”).

Rhonda guess Apr 02, 19:26 UTC

Thank you for the backgtound information. Expecially the wordplayin Cantonese. Do you have an idea as to when they were made?
Happy Easter/Passover.

Rhonda guess Apr 02, 19:27 UTC

Do you understand the hairstyle? Why is part of the head shaved and what about the little buns or top-knots?

Leah i. Apr 03, 19:17 UTC

Thank you and Happy Easter/Passover to you! The sculptures look like they are post-1940s. I wish I understood more about the hairstyles; I've seen them before but the only information I have is that they are historical haircuts.

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