Oriental vase

May 25, 2020. 19:45 UTC
Oriental Vase
United States of America

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This lovely vase is about 14" tall and close to 8" wide at its widest part. The base is 6" across. solid fairly hefty-maybe porcelain ceramic I know nothing whatsoever except my mother was a big oriental décor person so I have gut instinct it could be Japanese?? Lovely gold gilded design accents mainly floral and perhaps a peacock sitting in a tree patterns repeat. Thank you so much for any help you may provide. Best Michelle Oh and it does have a marking seeming unique? old?


Purchased at an estate auction. Just loved the look of it. Local Tennessee community.

Answered within 4 days
May 29, 09:58 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

€30 - €50 EUR

Insurance Value

€80 EUR
What does this mean?

Dear Michelle,

Your vase is made in Japan after 1990 so its modern production. It is also possible its made in China after a Japanese model. Chinese ateliers doe make many things in all kinds of styles if it could sell easily. The vase is hand painted. Unfortunately these vases are not very sought after yet so price tag is low. Its mainly decorative value we are talking about.

Michelle otero May 29, 14:39 UTC

Thank you. Good to know M

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