Oriental urn

May 03, 2019. 23:15 UTC
Oriental urn

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i inherited an oriental chinese urn from my father many years ago. He claims it is from the yongzheng dynasty. He has passed away now and am curious about the urn.


Yongzheng dynasty

€50 - €100 (Euro)
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May 05, 12:17 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Dear Vikki,

Your pot is made in Republic period, say 1940 in China and is unfortunately in mediocre condition. Its a well made pot with imposed decoration which is more interesting for collectors. Due to the damage the pot lost a great deal of its value. A good restoration is quite expensive but will not return the original value of the pot in full. Without damage pot could fetch 300 / 400. Its not Yongzheng period although its marked that way. A lot of Chinese porcelain is marked to honor older emperor's but are actually not from this period.


Simon Breider

Vikki o'neill May 05, 23:32 UTC

Have attached photos as you have asked
Thankyou 😄

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