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Jul 10, 2020. 19:01 UTC
oriental doll
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I have a oriental doll in a blue box almost looks like coffin. Doll is ten inches tall head hands and feet are ivory(I think) body is made of dark wood.


My aunt passed away and her possessions that her brother didn't want were given to me.

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Jul 15, 14:56 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

$200 - $300 USD

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$500 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Wil,
Your doll is made in China in second half 20th century. Its not an antique but made around 1960 / 1980 I think.
I do not see ivory structure but the craquelé I see in the white material it looks like Marine ivory or just plastic. You can test it to put a hot needle in the white material ( on a non visible place ) and smell. If you smell the oduer of burned hair it is organic. If you smell chemicals it is plastic. I believe it might be marine ivory ( made of walrus tooth or other marine animal ) and indeed dark wood ( most likely Zitan ). Carving is not so nicely done and that is important for making a good price. In this case I would feel your statue will make around the estimate in an auction of sale.

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Wil regnery Jul 15, 15:19 UTC

I hope these are detailed enough, I'm not sure of the material.

Wil regnery Jul 20, 11:36 UTC

What's the value

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