Oil on board artwork

Aug 09, 2022. 06:42 UTC
Oil on board artwork
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110 Years Britsh Artwork By johan Butt 1910 h 22 d 29 Starting bid 14711 l ääl , l Used Available 1 hour ago Description An old oil painting dating back to about 110 years, which was created in 1910 ad by the british artist john acton pott and bears the name of the autumn prairie fab edwardian, where it depicts the english countryside in the autumn period perfectly and very creativelyit shows the manifestations of nature from trees, river, hills, pedestrian path and the blue sky in an incomparable way to another painting and attached to it a gilded frame the painting was in the house of a wealthy person in bristol - britain before it was sold to dealers in antique arts before he bought it with a certihcate of authenticity proving its date, painter and signed by john acton.. the painting is old but in very good condition. dimensions 43.1/60.7/4 i have her certificate and invoice and the painting on the fees for the record, she is the only one in the world by artist john acton




It was in the hold of British rich family tell it was listed in Aucton where i bought it

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