Numbered poster of an advertisement or a sporting event

Sep 08, 2020. 09:05 UTC
Numbered poster of an advertisement or a sporting event
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The artwork measures 22 x 15 inches and the framed work is 34 x 26 inches. The artwork appears to be on paper and is vivid. I bought this several years ago at an auction.



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Sep 10, 00:16 UTC
By Sara S

Fair Market Value

$50 - $200 USD

Insurance Value

$250 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Rhonda,

Thank you again for your appraisal inquiries with Mearto. The item presented appears to be stone lithograph depicting bicycle race. The print appears to be marked "E.H. & Co" with "depose" and a registration number. There is a E.H. & Co publishing company based on Philadelphia. However, the depose translated to "registered," likely from France. The monogram appears to read "TDF" which could reference the Tour de France. I was only able to locate one other example of this print and the information attached was not very helpful. The estimate provided is based on recent auction estimates and results comparable stone lithographs promoting the bicycle tours, dating to the early 20th century. The estimate is contingent on a full condition report. Please note asking or dealer prices may vary. Thank you and please take care.

Rhonda guess Sep 10, 17:11 UTC

Thank you. I wondered if it might be a stage from the Tour de France, but I was not clever enough to correlate "TDF," which now seems clear. Is there any indication of the year? I was thinking of contacting the original shop because the owner is still there. I just like to get as much information as possible. Thanks you for your input.

Sara s Sep 11, 00:51 UTC

Hi Rhonda, It is difficult to attribute date without further information on published but I would believe the print dates to the 1920s or earlier.

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