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New Haven Clock Company


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27.5” tall x 17.25” wide x 4” deep New haven clock company. Says standard time and is made from wood, says 1817 but not sure if it’s a year or model number. Was my grandfathers.


From my dad when he passed who got it from his dad in the same manner.

$175 - $225 (United States Dollar)
Answered within about 17 hours
Jan 09, 17:01 UTC
By David

Hello Kray,
Thank you for sending in this calendar clock to mearto for appraisal. I will try to help you with it today:
Oak octagon wall clock with short drop box and calendar, single spring driven 8-day timepiece, "Standard Time Calendar" model, made by the New Haven Clock Company, New Haven Ct., circa 1895-1900.
Case: 27 inches in height, this wall clock has an octagon oak dial surround, 17.25" in diameter. Ornamented with egg and dart molding enclosing a glazed brass dial bezel. There are plain oak wavy side arms transitioning down to the short drop box with egg and dart molding enclosing a glass with a decal "standard Time" and through which one may observe the arc of the pendulum as it swings. The clock, not found easily in books is an earlier smaller version of their Bank model which first showed up in the 1910 New Haven catalog. . .
Dial: White round paper dial, 11" diameter, possibly 12", with Roman hour chapter, closed minute ring and Arabic days of the month, 1-31. The dial center carries a New Haven logo with the date of 1817. Interestingly, 1817 was when Chauncey Jerome, the founder began to organize his own company in Bristol, Ct. the trademark was not officially registered with the US Government until the 1940s but had been in use since 1891. The Bristol factory burned down in 1845 and Jerome moved the company to New Haven. The dial has steel spade hands and a counterbalanced red calendar pointer. The bottom of the dial names the clock company and their location. . .
Movement: A small skeletonized single spring brass movement with anchor escapement, of eight day duration and time only, although this model was also made as a time and strike model. There is an extra gear in the movement for the calendar. That gear rotates once a day. The movement is marked for New Haven Clock Company, New Haven, and Ct. . . .
Condition: Case is in very good to excellent condition. A strip of wood has been purposely placed at the top of the backboard to gain access to the movement for oiling the pivots without taking off the dial. The grain of the wood of the upper and lower pieces run at right angles to each other. The dial is darkened in the central region by excessive use of oil on the movement and on the owner's hands touching the dial. Overall a very good example with a very legible dial. Price at the height of the clock market in 1997 was $475 at auction. In 2004 a similar example brought $375. Prices for such clocks, i.e. mass produced by the big American factories and commonly seen on the market have continued to fall.
I hope I have been of some help to you today. I have determined the price from similar clocks selling at auction today. Retail prices can be 2-3 times the fair market value listed.
Best regards,

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