Native American Pastel Art

May 04, 2018. 23:42 UTC
Native American Pastel Art
United States of America


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I have 3 Native American pastel prints I would like to know more about. All 3 measure 28" X 22" and are done by the same artist for which I can't determine. Not knowing much about these prints I've tried to include as many photos as possible including a close up of the artist signature.




Answered within about 18 hours
May 05, 17:58 UTC
By Nora Curl

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$225 - $300 USD

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What does this mean?

These are 3, vintage late 20th century original pastel drawings with straw sprayed speckle background on Arches paper with the theme of Native American Indian figures. The works are influenced by the art of R.C. Gorman. The signature on all 3 works are slightly illegible. The last name appears to be Yanovich or Janovich. All permutations of the possible spelling have been checked against databases of listed artists and there was not a match. The estimate is for all all three images together and is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail 'asking prices' can be higher and vary.

Nora curl May 05, 17:58 UTC

Please add more clear, in-focus close-up images of just the 3 signatures taken in natural lighting. As well, have you checked the backside of these for any additional information that may be on there. Also, you mention these are pastel prints, however prints are published or created in multiples and these appear to be original drawings which are each one-off uniques and not prints.

Van richardson May 07, 15:20 UTC

Hi Nora, I've taken more close ups of the signatures as requested. In addition, I've pulled all 3 out of their frame in order to inspect the back for any additional information.
1. The man and woman art piece has a number 4 written in pencil on the back. Also their is a watermark for the paper which looks to be Arches with an infinity mark. No other markings.
2. The woman art piece has a small masking tape piece with a #6 on the lower right corner. Again watermark Arches with no additional markings.
3. The man art piece also has a piece of masking tape on the lower left corner with a #4 on it. Arches paper again with no other markings.

Since I had all 3 of these out of their frames, I took measurements again. All measure 22 1/2" X 29 3/4" give or take an 1/8" to 1/4".

My apologies on the print explanation mentioned in the prior notes. These are not prints. They are actual true pastel originals. You can actually see what seems to be specks of different colored paint on the art work as well. I'm sure there is a name for this. Hope all of this helps. Thanks for getting back to me.

Van richardson May 10, 01:22 UTC

Just checking in as I haven't heard anything.

Nora curl May 10, 01:25 UTC

Thank you for the additional images, please allow me some time to look these over for you.

Van richardson May 10, 01:27 UTC

Sounds good, appreciate getting back to me. Awaiting results.

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