Monitx Micheal Daffinger
05 June 2018

third generation painting handed down thru my wife's family 12 x 10


From her father

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For sale
Answered within 1 day
By Nora Curl
Jun 06, 21:02 UTC
Fair Market Value
$4,000 - $45,000 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
What does this mean?

This is an antique, early 19th century, about 1830s, original 10" x 12" watercolor portrait painting of a young woman with curls that is set in a oval frame opening by the Austrian portrait painter, Moritz Michael Daffinger (1790 - 1849). . Daffinger was known for portraits of the aristocracy and nobility in Europe; he did work primarily in miniatures and this portrait is considerably larger than a miniature (however a larger size does not predicate a larger value). The portrait of the woman bears a resemblance to Marie Daffinger, neé Smalk von Smolenitz (1808-1880) and she is also similar to a Portrait of Princess Metternich by Daffinger. If this portrait is possibly a family ancestor, looking into the family tree is recommended, as well, this could potentially be notated on the backside, however it is entirely your choice and volition to remove the backing to check for such (removing the backing from the frame will not impact value). The estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail 'asking prices' can be higher and vary. There is a wide range in the min to max sale estimate, as Daffinger works have a tendency to occasionally take-off during bidding.

Nora curl Jun 06, 21:02 UTC

Please add a clear, in-focus close-up of the signature that appears on this and the surface to show the texture.

George sellman Jun 06, 21:17 UTC

You will receive that you request today

George sellman Jun 06, 21:18 UTC

Do I need to remove it from behind the glass? The glass has never been removed

George sellman Jun 06, 21:26 UTC

I have sent 2 close-ups of Daffingers signature

Nora curl Jun 06, 21:31 UTC

Do NOT remove from frame nor glass. The images are not showing here. They need to be posted to this page, do not email the photos.

George sellman Jun 06, 21:33 UTC

Sorry I'm new at this game

Nora curl Jun 06, 21:39 UTC

No worries :)

Nora curl Jun 07, 18:15 UTC

Is there any chance that you know who the sitter in the portrait may be? In looking over works by Daffinger, the subject bears a resemblance to paintings by him of Marie Daffinger, neé Smalk von Smolenitz (1808-1880) and a Portrait of Princess Metternich. Identifying the sitter does help sale-ability and sometimes boosts value.

George sellman Jun 07, 18:41 UTC

No I really dont but she dose resemble others he painted sorry I'm no help

Nora curl Jun 07, 18:45 UTC

No worries, I wanted to check just in case

George sellman Jun 07, 19:15 UTC

Nora I'm assuming Nora is a lady.
I know this is an old painting because it has been in the family for so long. Further I know my wife's family on her fathers side is very stable and well educated, among other things. Just sayin

George sellman Jun 07, 19:45 UTC


If I were to hazard a guess I would say that Princess Clementina 1804 - 1820 the second daughter of Prince Metternich has a very similar face to our painting. Just saying

George sellman Jun 08, 13:57 UTC

I have been doing a little research and found that Daffinger in 1809 begin doing portraits. Upon his passing in 1842 he left a 1000 of his paintings to The House of Habsburg - Lorraine.
I hit a wall there trying to find a connection to them with respect to a personal value they may have for this painting since I do believe it is a one of a kind. He was a very prominent man during his time. Were you aware that his photo was on the 20 shelling bank note up and until it was converted to the Euro?

Nora curl Jun 08, 15:54 UTC

All original paintings are each one of a kind

George sellman Jun 08, 16:00 UTC

So Nora are you interested in trying to find a buyer or would you prefer I go somewhere else ?
I'm not real long on shopping myself around when I'm comfortable where I am.

Nora curl Jun 08, 22:47 UTC

I do not broker pieces that I appraise. Your best option would be to sell this through auction. The best auction placement for this would be one of the top one's in Austria which have sold his works in the past. You can contact the auction houses through their websites by sending images and dimensions. You do not tell an auction house an expectation of value nor appraisals. They will provide you with an estimate, and in most cases Daffinger works exceed the high estimate at sale. I recommend Dorotheum, Im Kinsky Kunst Auktionen or even Christie's in Londond

George sellman Jun 09, 02:08 UTC

Thank you Nora for your help and advice

Nora curl Jun 09, 02:37 UTC

You are very welcome

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