Model 1892 vanguard riverside pocket watch

Jun 22, 2020. 01:11 UTC
Model 1892 Vanguard Riverside pocket watch
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Production year 1897-1899. Riverside first run pocket watch open face, size 18s 17j (ruby) Case and movement, stem, glass, nearly mint condition. Salesman watch, Second out of 100 run quantity. Movement listed to be nickel plated. Mine is gold flashed. Gold train, gold settings, gold balance screws. When purchased, was told only 5 ever were made this way? Movement serial number 7018102. Case serial number 5579558.



Answered within 42 minutes
Jun 22, 01:52 UTC
By David

Fair Market Value

$300 - $350 USD

Insurance Value

$650 USD
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Hello Chris,
Thank you for sending in your pocket watch to for a fair market appraisal. I shall try to help you with that today. I received your one extra photo of the inside of the screw off bezel but no photo of the back of the case. (Not sure why you did not send that photo??)
Gent’s, 18s, gold filled, pendant wound and pendant set, keyless, open face pocket watch, Riverside grade, model 1892, variation 2, first run, made by the American Waltham Watch Company, Waltham, Massachusetts, circa 1897-1899.
Case: Size 18, gold filled or rolled gold case with screw off bezel (no hallmarks on the inside of bezel) and no views of the back cover. Case no. 5579558. A suppressed ball fluted pendant and bow sits at the twelve position.
Dial: Triple sunk white enameled dial with upright Arabic hours, open bar minute track with red Arabic markers placed every five minutes along the periphery of the dial, sunken subsidiary seconds @6, sunken dial center marked Waltham and steel American-style Spade hands. . .
Movement: This is pink-gold flashed nickel full plate movement, the size 18, Riverside Grade, model 1892, variant 2, first run quality made by the American Waltham Watch Company, Waltham, Mass., serial no. 7018102 made in a small run of 100 such movements (mostly without the gold flashing, but otherwise physically the same) and made between August 1897 - August 1899. This movement is made with 17 jewels, is pendant wound and pendant set, patent regulator with click adjustment, two arm bimetallic balance wheel with Breguet hairspring. This model was adjusted to temperature and three positions. The movement is signed ‘A.W.W.Co. Waltham, Mass. 7018102, 17 jewels, adjusted and safety barrel’. The damascening on the full plate is in a variety of geometric form with scalloped design on the ratchet and crown wheels. This movement, at the time it was made, was of railroad quality. . .
Case – Back cover not seen but assumed to be either rolled gold plate or gold filled. Maker of case not established, i.e. whether or not it was Waltham or a case maker supplying ‘Waltham’.
Dial – Excellent
Movement - Excellent. {I did read what you were told about the gold flashing of the movement but I cannot confirm that anywhere.}
Historical Comments:
The Waltham Riverside family of watches was produced in more sizes and models than any other grade - at least 13 sizes and 24 different models. Riversides span over 60 years of Waltham history. Within each size range and category there are various finishes, settings, jewelling, non-magnetic, and hunting or open-face configurations. The 18-size 1892 model Riverside is the largest men’s Riverside watch. For men Riverside was made in five different size and 14 different models. For range of variety, quality and affordability the Waltham Riverside is the standard bearer for this maker. The Model 1892 was manufactured through 1918 in a total run production of 4200 units. The Model 1892 was considered one of Waltham’s most successful watches. The serial number of this movement indicates it was one of the first Riverside-labeled model 1892. Prior to 7018101 it was labeled the Vanguard Grade. {The Model 1892 Vanguard remained Waltham's highest-grade 18-size watch at that time}
It is difficult to find precise comparables for this model since it was made in three variations of the open face model and two variations of the Hunting case model and it was made in a small production run, perhaps for Presentation watches, what you refer to as executive watches.
so that I have based my fair market value on the pocket watch database (where one of the examples appears to have the flashed gold movement similar to yours). I have chosen to you case as excellent from what you describe even though I cannot see it. I believe if offered at auction today, in its current excellent overall condition it would have a fair market value of $300-$350. Value for insurance may be about twice that number.
Thank you for choosing for your appraisal.
My best,

Hello Chris,
Thank you for contacting Mearto,com with your appraisal inquiry. So that I may best assist you, can you please upload a a couple of further images so that I can see the back cover of the case, both the outside of that cover and the markings on the inside. You do not mention the quality of the case in your description.

Chris carmer Jun 22, 02:13 UTC

As requested, additional info and pictures

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