Ming dynasty wanli period blue white bowl

Nov 27, 2019. 15:18 UTC
Ming Dynasty Wanli Period Blue White Bowl

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The bowl is 22cm height and 20 cm width.


It owns by a private collector who live in an Indonesian islands. He passed away and hid son inherit this time. I acquired from him personally when I visited the island on vacation.

$40 - $80 (United States Dollar)
Answered within about 15 hours
Nov 28, 06:25 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Dear Bernard,

You have a modern copy of a Wanli vessel made in China. The colour, bottom, painting and wear are different from what I want to see on a Wanli / Ming period piece. Its a decorative pot made in the way of Wanli but its really much later made ( late 20th century I believe ) Its of course possible the previous owner bought it later in life and miscalculated the piece.. I'm sorry to tell you the bad news and I hope you still love the pot for what it is a nice decorative, hand painted porcelain pot in the tradition of the Wanli ateliers in early 17th century.

Bernard ch'ng yih liang Nov 28, 06:40 UTC

Thank you very much for the appraisal.I appreciated it.

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