Mike and irina's gift rug from mom

Sep 14, 2020. 19:20 UTC
Mike and Irina's Gift Rug from Mom
United States of America

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This oriental rug was purchased by my mother in the mid 1980's from a reputable rug reseller named Kaoud Bros in Wilton, CT. The size of the rug is 12 feet long x 8.5" feet wide. I do not know what my mother paid for this but knowing her....it was not cheap! She always paid a fair premium for high quality that would last a long time. This rug has been in my family for 35+ years.


See my previous remarks. What I don't know is where did Kaoud Bros. purchase this rug. There were then as they are now a reputable family and company who continues to do well with specialty rugs.

Answered within about 4 hours
Sep 14, 23:17 UTC
By Delia
The specialist needs more information

Hi Mike,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
Kaoud Bros is still considered a reputable rug dealer; they have been known to buy rugs back so if you are interested in selling this it may be worth it to see if they want to buy it back...

This looks like it's a Heriz but the one photo that shows the majority of the rug still omits parts of the rug; is it possible to take (and attach) a photo that shows the rug in its entirety, including as many edges as possible?

Many thanks in advance,

Mike morin Sep 15, 00:51 UTC

I know my options in going to Kaoud Bros for reselling my rug but i am asking you what you think the value is. I am thinking about giving my rug to my priest and t would like to know what the estimated value is. Can you please provide me with such? I prefer not to sell back this rug but to give to the priest that I have much respect for.

Thank you and please advise.
Mike and Irina Morin

Delia Sep 15, 01:06 UTC

I appreciate that; however, my valuation might be inaccurate without a comprehensive overall photo that shows the rug in its entirety. If its not possible to do that, let me know and I will value this provisionally.

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