Ad for luigi manzottis ballet "sport" published by m.ricordi &c.

Oct 17, 2020. 07:46 UTC
Ad for Luigi Manzottis ballet "sport" published by M.Ricordi &C.
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In 1897 Milan’s La Scala Theatre mounted a narrative ballet named Sport. It was a celebration in dance of such activities as mountain climbing, horseracing, skating, gymnastics, hunting, and cycling. The ‘gran ballo’ had 300 dancers, an orchestra of 100 augmented by a brass band of 30, mimes, and horses The ballet was inspired by the 1896 Olympics which raised Italian interest in sport as well as encouraging a strong sense of internationalism. Sport had six scenes, each taking place in a different region of the world, from Canada to Europe. Sport was an example of an ‘up-to-date’ ballet which tackled modern fads and issues; it also starred dancers who wore modern dress rather than tutus and tights. Its revolutionary plot acclaimed both feminism and women’s participation in games. The grand finale consisted of a march of hundreds of real athletes and a spectacular ‘Apotheosis of Sport.’ Cm244x107 as seen in image slight damage. A tear on the bottom right quadrant that does not pass into any of the print and a few marks on the border as well.


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Oct 22, 12:52 UTC
By Georg

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$0 - $50 USD

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$50 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Edwardo,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

The presented object appears to be a lithograph in colors on paper with the measurements of 244 x 107 cm. This poster was an advertisement for an opera or ballet with the title "Sport" in the famous La Scala in Milan in 1897. This could be a modern reprint of the 20th century.
This piece is in medium condition and there is no serious damage visible in the images provided.
A fair market estimation would be between 0 to 50 USD.
This estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparable items. Retail "asking prices" can be higher and may vary.

With kind regards,

Edwardo zavala Oct 23, 02:09 UTC

i dont understand why it dont costs as much as other ricordis when its older then others listed in the early ,1900s

Edwardo zavala Oct 23, 02:13 UTC

n the scaricity of posters from this era . werent most of them destroyed by ricordi himself leaving some times only one for his collection i have only found one of the same as mine in a museum in chicago things must be getting tough.

Georg Oct 23, 15:12 UTC

Dear Edwardo,

I estimated this poster as I would do it for an auction catalog. You find often high asking prices on the internet. The museal aspect of an object does not mean that it is automatically an expensive object. I am very sorry for your disappointment.

With kind regards,

Edwardo zavala Oct 23, 16:35 UTC

i feel played cause considering the rareity of the item,plus i have found no record of this poster being sold on the internet ever thou i no u may have a lot more references then i do would u mind sharing with me any records or history of this poster ever being sold any where help me feel way better about about spend my money for this expert appraisal.

Edwardo zavala Oct 23, 16:48 UTC

as u can clearly see the stamps mf22 made in italy is not blurred like those that are often made of counterfits my platestamp is clearly visable so again let me know where this cataloge that sells authentic ricordi poster for a couple hundred bucks as old as mine cause i know a few people who may want to buy some

Edwardo zavala Oct 23, 17:03 UTC

u say compareable items do u mean this exact poster or posters in general cause u wont find this poster any where with these famos names ricodi,manzotti,and la scala theater show me the auction please or will u show me comparable items

Edwardo zavala Oct 23, 19:40 UTC

and the button that states download report does nothing

Georg Oct 24, 12:10 UTC

Dear Edwardo,

I am sorry that we disagree in this point. When something is rare it does not mean the same time that it is expensive. The factor I compared this print are other advertisements of this time.

With kind regards,

Edwardo zavala Oct 24, 15:35 UTC

i had u appraise my poster not other posters of the time how about appraise it at other ricordis at that time at least ur a scam.fuck ur bullshit appraisal.

Edwardo zavala Oct 25, 18:26 UTC

manzotti ,marenco, some of thier works are still to this day are being held in milan .edel .ricordi the best poster maker ever u have the some of the bests in what they do ever so with the rareity of the poster with some of the best ever 2-4$ and what makes something valuable if its not rareity thats one of the dumbest thing any "expert" id like ur credentials im serious cause rareity plus noteriety should equal something more then 200-400

Georg Oct 26, 09:27 UTC

Dear Edwardo,

I research this object a second time. Please upload focused images of the printing remarks in black which are visible on the third image.

With kind regards,

Edwardo zavala Oct 26, 15:49 UTC

the poster reads ballo d l manzotti-moreno.a edel ricordi&c

Georg Oct 28, 16:35 UTC

Dear Edwardo,

please send in an detail of the black letters left area under the word "Ballo".

With kind regards,

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