Miao silver and jade ornate necklace

Sep 26, 2019. 02:32 UTC
Miao silver and jade ornate necklace
New Zealand

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A silver necklace with a 65 cm jade circular jade feature, primitively carved with a bird on a flowering branch. Rear of feature has Chinese characters and bee-like insects. Five silver dangles at the bottom of the feature.


Bought from a Chinese collector. May have been a family piece.

Answered within 3 days
Sep 28, 17:21 UTC
By Georg
The specialist needs more information

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

We have actually technical problems with this case and ask you for some patience. We excuse for the delay.

With kind regards,

Lisa agnew Sep 28, 20:43 UTC

OK. That's fine.

S.k. breider Oct 04, 12:13 UTC

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your patience. Apologies for the delay!

Your necklace is indeed made in China but again I cannot confirm the Miao origin. Its a necklace made as a present for I believe a wedding. The Characters mean 'abundance of silver and gold’ ( speak out; Jin Yu Man Tang ). Its most likely silver but I cannot be sure if no hallmarks are visible, so if you want to be sure I recommend a test of the metal with a local jewelry store. Having said that; I would be very surprised f this wasn’t silver. My estimation is based on the assumption that the object is made of high grade silver ( 900+ content ). I believe the plaque is made of jade although serpentine is almost as hard and colour ranges of serpentine and jade totally overlap. Still I think its jade. Decoration is simple but tasteful done. This piece of jewelry is made in second half of 20th century. Its not an antique. I must say the work is quite well done although I see that not all is done by hand but also partly by machine. Market for typical Chinese jewelry is quite good. If you would prefer to sell it in the near future I believe a buyer is found easily. I would recommend, if you decide that, to go to a local auction house with a subscription to an online platform like Invaluable.

Value is $100 - $150.

Best regards,

Lisa agnew Oct 04, 20:23 UTC

Thank you, Simon.

Lisa agnew Oct 05, 20:26 UTC

Is this value in NZ dollars? Is this the actual valuation report for this item?

S.k. breider Oct 06, 05:26 UTC

Hi Lisa,

Estimation is made in US dollars. Indeed this is the valuation for this item. We had some technical problems with this item in our system that why it comes to you in a different manner as you are probably used to. Sorry for that. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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