Metal buddha head purchased in north viet nam in 1990s was told it dated to somewhere in 1850 to 1870

Nov 21, 2020. 01:01 UTC
Metal Buddha  head purchased in North Viet Nam  in 1990s was told it dated to somewhere in 1850 to 1870
United States of America

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24 inch high 14 inch wide and 14 inch deep a thin metal, not sure may be tin or something similar was advised at time of purchase it dated to mid 1800s or late 1800s


was purchased originally by a friend who was an art trader who traveled the world picking up objects of art and eventually selling them, was told he purchased it in North Viet Nam

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Nov 24, 12:30 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

$200 - $300 USD

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$500 USD
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Dear Steve,

Your bronze metal head is not very old I believe. The green deposit I see on some parts are made in a chemical way and is not the corrosion i would expect from a bronze archaeological find. The statue itself clearly shows that way but I believe that is to make it attractive for buyers and add to the mystery. I believe it is made in second half 20th century. Could be done anywhere but most likely in China or Thailand. Made for tourist or western people who love to buy an artifact. Value is decorative.

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