Mary cassatt four (4) original paintings

Jul 24, 2021. 08:48 UTC
Mary Cassatt Four (4) Original Paintings
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I am sure this painting by Mary Cassatt has been on display or exhibited many times over the years. MutualArt Reference: Style of Mary Cassatt (American, 1844-1926) Oil on canvas 12 x 11 inches USA Antiques, Miami, FL Presale estimate $17,000 - $22,000 Sold for $168 December 2, 2019, Lot 43. Valuation Date June 20, 2021, Ref 20062100054866 Valuation - June 20, 2021, Page 1 of 7 ARTWORK DETAILS Medium: Oil Or WatercolorOn Canvas Signed: Yes Artist: Mary Cassatt Title: A Mother With A Small Child Creation Date: Late 19th Century Measurements: Height: 12, Width: 16, Depth: 1 inch Broad Media: Painting Labels on back: none DESCRIPTION OF ARTWORK This appears to be an oil painting. Valuation: June 20, 2021, Page 2 of 7 "The Impressionist painter, Mary Cassatt is best known for her mother and child compositions. Born in 1844 in Allegheny City, now part of Pittsburgh, she was recognized by the turn of the century as one of the preeminent painters both of her native country and of France, which she made her permanent home in 1875. Her first public success came at the Salon of 1868 with a painting praised by a New York Times critic for its "vigor of treatment and fine qualities of color". Cassatt continued to exhibit at the Salon through the mid-1870s and attracted the attention of Edgar Degas, who invited her to join the artists dedicated to the "new painting", the Impressionists. She quickly adopted impressionist techniques of applying paint rapidly from a bright palette. Cassatt developed her own subject matter, using her family members as models because her lifestyle, with aging parents, was much more confined than that of the male Impressionists who were able to spend time in cafes and paint subjects of social life. From 1879 to 1886 she was one of only three women to exhibit with the Impressionists and the only American woman. In 1878, at the request of Julian Weir, she sent two of her paintings to him in America for exhibition with the Society of American Artists. These paintings were among the first Impressionist works to be shown in America. After the final Impressionist exhibition of 1886, Cassatt began to experiment more widely, transforming her imagery with references to Old Master Madonna and Child paintings as well as Japanese prints. As the years progressed, Cassatt became increasingly involved with women's rights causes. She painted a mural for the Woman's Building in the 1893 Chicago World's Exposition on the theme of "Modern Woman", and also helped organize an exhibition of pictures by Old Masters and Degas, in addition to her own works, to benefit woman suffrage in 1915. Cassatt resided in Europe, the remainder of her life except during the Franco-Prussian War when her family insisted she returns to Philadelphia. Upon her death in 1926, Cassatt was honored by a number of memorial exhibitions, and remains one of the most acclaimed American-born artists." Valuation: June 20 2021 Page 3 of 7 FAIR MARKET VALUE A valuation is not a certificate of authenticity of an artwork. Fair market value is the price that a property would sell for on the open market. It is the price that would be agreed on between a willing buyer and a willing seller, with neither being required to act and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts. This value is available only for artists included in the database of auction houses. Minimum: 185000 USD Maximum: 250000 USD REFERENCES Beaussant Lefevre, Paris, France, may 28, 2021, Lot#169 "Etude pour la tasse de the ou L'heure du the vers", oil/paper, 15.55" x 23.62" Est:$71,365-$95,155, Hammer price:$297,355 Christie's, NY,NY,May 14, 2021, lot#454 "Francoise, Holding a little Dog, Looking Far to the Right", pastel/paper, 21.75" x 17.50' Est:$150,000-$200,000, Hammer price:$437,500 Sotheby's, NY,NY,June 26, 2020, Lot#37 "Mother in Purple Holding Her Child", pastel/tan paper/board, 28.25" x 22.25" Est:$400,000-$600,000, Hammer price:$560,000


This particular painting is an oil painting by Mary Cassatt. This portrait/painting is of a woman preparing for a relaxing romantic evening. This painting was purchased in a store/shop in a small college town in the USA. Not sure if the signature (MC) on the back is Mary Cassatt or a musume staffer note. (Size:16 x 21) Amature Research:

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Jul 29, 00:16 UTC
By Sara S

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$100 - $400 USD

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$300 USD
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Hello Kirk,

Thank you for your appraisal inquiry with Mearto. I apologize for the delay in your appraisal and thank you for your patience. The items presented appear to be copy paintings or photomechanical prints after artists from the Impressionism era, including Robert (Henry Cozad) Henri (1865 - 1929), Mary Stevenson Cassatt (1844 - 1926), and Ivan Gregorewitch Olinsky (1878 - 1962). Each of the original works are accounted for in public or private collections, all of which measures in different sizes than seen here.

The estimate provided is based on recent auction estimates and results of these works as copy paintings dating to the late 20th century. Additional the estimate is for the collection of four objects. If the items are actually reproduction prints the value would decrease. The estimate is contingent on a full condition report. Please note asking or dealer prices may vary. Thank you and please take care.

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