Luther bateman 1869

Sep 20, 2021. 18:38 UTC
Luther Bateman 1869
United States of America


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I walked into a thrift shop/estate sale last week, and saw two oil on canvas paintings. Turning the back I saw the names Luther bateman and , Ruth (Hazard) Bateman hanging on the wall. Looking at the back of the frame, I knew they were authentic. Measurements are approx 33 inches h-26 l But I don’t know the history. But doing a little research I have discovered that Luther Bateman married Ruth Bateman (Hazard) and I believe both were from lines of English nobility, As well as possibly Winston Churchill, and eventually princess Diana from the lineage. Luther’s father was Seth Bateman, whose great grandfather was Lord William Henry Bateman of Castle Hill, Herfordshire, England. I found this about the hazard family of Rhode Island. The measurements are approximate. I am too afraid to remove the back or even touch the painting. There is dust on the picture, and needs cleaning, But at this point I think it’s best not to touch it. I am aware if there is a signature anywhere on the picture of the artist or where to look, I have not messed with frame. I’m not sure if the first step To figure out value



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