Louis vuitton special item carrier

May 02, 2019. 05:40 UTC
Louis Vuitton special item carrier
United States of America

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15” W x 8”D x 11”H. Stickers: hotel brun, bologna and Brufani Palace Hotel; the leather on the bottom is cut/torn and the nails on the interior panel (behind the lock) has separated from its backing.


I acquired from my dad. I don’t know where he picked it up. Could have been an auction. It’s been in my family for at least 50 yrs.

$1,500 - $2,000 (United States Dollar)
Answered within 1 day
May 03, 06:47 UTC
By Sabrina Vinther

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

It is a beautiful Louis Vuitton carrier. It has a very charming patina and wear adding to the value. Such carrier bags are being offered at auction occasionally. However when it comes to the vintage Louis Vuitton bags and carriers every bag is rare and the estimate and selling price depends on the quality of the item.
I think you carrier bag is in a wonderful condition despite the minor cuts/torns from wear and tear. It was made in the early 1900s. The price may surprise if put into auction as Louis Vuitton carrier bags and cases are quite popular.

The estimate provided is for a well-advertised specialised auction, where I believe the carrier bag has the best chance of realising its fullest potential. However, there is no measurement for the sentimental value you might attach to the Louis Vuitton bag.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I’m happy to help.
Thank you

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