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May 25, 2022. 07:18 UTC
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My mother, who had inherited my father’s assets, passed away in November of 2021. My father, who passed away in 2011, accumulated an estimated 200+ Lionel Model Trains over the years. Most of which are in new in their original box. He began acquiring collectible Lionel Model Trains years before I was born in 1971, including models dating back as early as circa 1930. I am looking for help in having the entire collection appraised for sales value and if possible guidance on where or how to sale the collection for purposes of liquidating my parents estate. There are also other collectibles and antiques that we are also seeking guidance on their value and avenue for sale as well.




To many to list on this form alone, but I can certainly work on cataloging model trains and other items if that is the appropriate next step in appraisal process. I would like to confirm appraisal process with someone who can offer guidance. Thank you, John & Jaime Boling 864.420.6125

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