Left bank cafe serigraph by leroy neiman

May 10, 2018. 21:53 UTC
Left Bank Cafe Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman Item images 2f1525989251101 whugp4x2iy f1b0ad07c2a9eae516926a5a4372be3a 2fd56e01fb 280d 4858 910e f9f1dd5ac4f4 Item images 2f1525989251096 7m4e3iekmo5 f1b0ad07c2a9eae516926a5a4372be3a 2f1038ef03 5c8a 4854 8295 6595e050feb9
United States of America

Contemporary art

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Purchased in an estate sale in Lake Forest, Il

Expert appraisals:
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$1,300 - $1,500 (United States Dollar)
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May 10, 21:59 UTC
By Erin-Marie Wallace

Dear Jeff,

What a fabulous serigraph by Leroy Neiman. His work has a solid collector base and if your example of 'Left Bank Cafe', which is, as you know, a signed and numbered serigraph, was offered at auction, in today's market you should expect between $1300USD and $1500USD.

Thank you for taking time to upload images, please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.



Jeff rider May 10, 22:08 UTC

Thank you. The appraisal is surprising in the it is such a gorgeous piece. I love it and imagined it would be higher in value. It was purchased for $1,800. My bad, as I am a sucker for Neiman.

Erin-marie wallace May 10, 22:13 UTC

You aren't the only 'Sucker for Neiman' he is an excellent painter and master colorist, I am a fan too! Being said, the track record of this piece at auction sits squarely between $1300 - $1500USD. While you didn't ask... gallery prices are usually at least 2.5 the average auction price so, all things considered, your $1800 price point is quite reasonable.



Jeff rider May 10, 22:57 UTC

Thanks again. As I am sure you know, if you love the piece, how others value the it doesn’t really matter.

Erin-marie wallace May 10, 23:00 UTC


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