Large chinese painting of galloping horses

Aug 10, 2019. 22:45 UTC
Large Chinese Painting of Galloping Horses
United States of America

Chinese antiques

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It's size is approximately 72"X 38" width and length. Watercolor on paper in superb condition a masterpiece. See album link for pictures.


Acquired from an estate sale which was sent it to a upscale consignment store in Ventua Blvd in Los Angles approximately 1 year ago.

€500 - €1.000 (Euro)
Answered within about 8 hours
Aug 11, 06:21 UTC
By s.k. Breider

A chinese copy of Xu Beihongs painting 8 horses. Xu Beihong is maybe the most famous painter in China and lived from 19 July 1895 to 26 September 1953. He became famous for his paintings of horses. He is the most copied painter in China and everybody loves his work. A good painted copy is considered an art form. Your artwork is done in a nice way but it is not possible to see if it is printed or painted. If you come very close you can see brush strokes. It is watercolor so difficult to see. A print has a complete constant shine in the light but a painted one is different. I judge your artwork as a painted copy as you state in your text. Its a very big artwork and well done. I would expect is to be made late 20th of 21th century.


Simon Breider

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Naomi segal Aug 15, 21:04 UTC

Could you please be kind enough to let me know what the writing on the painting saids and what the small red stamp signifies. I sent photos to a top American auction house. They did not say it was not Xu Beihong and they did not say it was his work. What I need to know is what the writing and the stamp saids. Is it an artist stamp or a date stamp? Furthermore, they did they it was a watercolor on paper and did not say it was a copy of Xu Beihong. Thank you for your help.

S.k. breider Aug 20, 06:41 UTC

Nice to hear it is a watercolor . That was what I expected it to be. The meaning of the words I cannot read I ask a Chinese colleague for that and she is on holiday at the moment. I can come back on that at a later time. Is that ok ? Auction houses will never be very specific if they are not sure. These paintings are very difficult to judge and copy's are made with hand in honor of the great artist and therefor are very difficult to judge. It is said that only a few experts really know and all big auction houses ask them to judge a work on authenticity.


Simon Breider

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