Large buddha carved into metal plate

Feb 25, 2018. 22:57 UTC
Large Buddha carved into metal plate
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I believe the plate is made of copper. I found this item while traveling through Pakistan. The previous owner had it in his shop for some time. It is believed to be around 70-80 years old and possibly from Nepal or Afganistan. We do not know more than that. We would like to get more information on the image, and what the symbols around the plate said. There is also an inscription below that Buddha that is interesting to us.


Pakistan, Nepal, or Afganistan.

Answered within about 23 hours
Feb 26, 22:06 UTC
By Klaus

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$800 - $1,000 USD

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$1,800 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be an embossed bronze tondo in high relief depicting the fasting or hungry Buddha, protected by two nagas (?) and two matsya, the avatar of the hindu god vishnu. Which would suggest that Siddhartha Buddha is seen here as an incarnation of Vishnu. This appears to be a crossover representation of two religions, most likely manufactured in the Dhaka region in now Bangladesh. This area is known for the superb craftsmanship of brass or bronze items and the writing system which can be seen is most likely Bengali, the de facto national language of Bangladesh. Due to the embossing technique the characters are difficult to decipher and quite often those craftsmen simply copy or imitate inscriptions.
This is a very impressive and decorative relief and you are probably right regarding the age. Judging from the color this could be bronze ( heavier than brass alloy). No similar relief has been offered or sold recently. The estimate is based on brass or bronze items from that area of the same quality offered or sold at auction.

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