Large bead genuine amber necklace

Oct 08, 2019. 21:08 UTC
Large bead genuine Amber necklace
United States of America

Amber jewelry

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51 beads ranging from small to large.



Answered within 41 minutes
Oct 08, 21:49 UTC
By Klaus

Fair Market Value

$200 - $250 USD

Insurance Value

$450 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a so called african trade beads necklace, an old 1920s imitation of amber, basically a kind of plastic, specifically phenolic resin. Such beads were produced to be used as a currency in remote African countries or they found their way there by trade. Phenol formaldehyde resins were invented in the 1910s and resurfaced as imports from Africa in the 1960s in Europe and the US. The estimate is based on similar sold at auction. Asking prices in the trade are higher and can vary.
For further reading I would highly recommend this article:

Christine wiley Oct 08, 21:53 UTC

I have had this appraised elsewhere and I was told it is genuine Amber with a much higher value.

Klaus Oct 08, 22:38 UTC

Based on the photos you provided, this is definitely phenolic resin. Please look it up.

Christine wiley Oct 09, 00:03 UTC

Thank you so much for your talents and time.

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