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May 31, 2021. 18:44 UTC
Japanese Shika
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This is a scroll from Japan given to me by my relations there. It depicts a deer in the autumn. It is in fair shape and will need some restoration. The actual painting size is 47 inches long and 21 3/4 inches wide. The size is larger with the scroll added.


The Ishida family owned this scroll painting. Ishida, Nagayuki gave this to my Mother, Ishida, Ruriko.

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Jun 05, 19:01 UTC
By Leah I.
The specialist needs more information

Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for contacting Mearto and I apologize for the delay. Can you tell me what the meaning of ‘shika’ is. Are you referring to the location?


Kathleen rainey Jun 07, 19:52 UTC

No shiva means deer in Japanese. I just named it so nothing significant.

Kathleen rainey Jun 07, 19:56 UTC

Sorry shika. Spellcheck seems to want to revise. This kakemomo (scroll) was done by an artist in Japan. My family comes from Kyushu so that may help. The Ishida family transcends from the Hayashi family so both families could have owned this. I would suggest the appraiser be one that is knowledgeable in Japanese and artists.

Leah i. Jun 07, 23:44 UTC

I see, thanks! I look at Asian art generally and my knowledge of the Japanese language is limited. I wrote to our management to check if anyone on our team would be more appropriate for you. I will get back to you when I hear from them. If we are unable to help you, please know that you can request a refund on our Terms of Service page.

Kathleen rainey Jun 08, 20:18 UTC

Thank you! I don ‘t mind who it is but need someone who knows this artist.

Leah i. Jun 10, 02:59 UTC

OK. You should be hearing from someone on our team soon. Let me know if that doesn't happen.

Kathleen rainey Jun 10, 18:08 UTC

Thank you!

Kathleen rainey Jun 10, 19:22 UTC

Also Leah, I want to apologize to you for my rudeness. I am sure you are very qualified. I was irritated as I cannot read the artist’s name, and hoped someone could. My mother had long past away and any Japanese relations I had are also gone. I am sorry.

Leah i. Jun 11, 03:55 UTC

Hi Kathleen,

It’s ok. I wish I was more specialized too! My education is in, like I said, Asian art in general, with an emphasis toward Chinese art. Actually, I lived in Japan for a year and was slapping myself on the forehead because somewhere back there I knew how to say deer. Regardless, here is what I heard from my management, what I can do for you and my suggestions:

First, they told me that there is no one who knows Japanese at Mearto.

Second, I can give you a general idea of what the piece is worth based on sales of similar scrolls as far as size/condition/level of craftsmanship. However, I am not able to find the exact artist.

My suggestions are first to figure out what the calligraphic characters say (usually, it’s a description/poem). There is an online forum that I like for calligraphy. It’s called asianart.com. Basically, you can post a picture and community members will comment. Then, there’s the seal. This is difficult because there is no online database of seals. I would suggest posting a clear picture on the forum in case someone can give you an idea. Beyond that, you can look into more specialized appraisers. I found a few online and a database that I linked to below. I am not sure what their fees are like.


Like I said previously, we have a refund option on our terms of use page. Just let me know if I can help further.


Kathleen rainey Jun 12, 19:12 UTC

Leah, I very much appreciate the information you have given me. I will follow up on this. No need to refund, you have been more than helpful. Please give me your estimate so I can at least use this as a guide.
My next items I will post will be much easier. A silk kimono bought around 1993. It is a furisode and to wear these days. Thank you.

Leah i. Jun 12, 22:16 UTC

OK. So, in looking at ink scrolls, there is a lot of variation in pricing. I am putting links below. The first few are of pieces that have creasing like yours. The second grouping is about the price I would expect your piece to be worth. I am trying to look at complexity of brushwork. Then, I have put some links to more expensive scrolls to give you a sense of the market. They may be attributed to a known artist or have a high level of skill.

Based on general prices, the fair market value is between $100 and $200. With the damage, it would be less.

$50, significant creasing in surface

$50, also creased





$750, with attribution

3 for $4000


Kathleen rainey Jun 13, 22:32 UTC

Thank you!

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