Japanese geisha and samurai

Jun 06, 2021. 16:21 UTC
Japanese geisha and samurai
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Two of the paintings are 52” tall by 40” wide including the frames. One is of a Geisha and the other we believe is a Samurai. We haven’t been able to find any signatures or origin marks. They are professionally framed. The brown craft paper on the backs of the frames is torn. Mom bought them in Miami about 1975 or 1976. We haven’t found any documents as to the gallery or how much she paid.


purchased about 1975 in Miami

Answered within 22 days
Jun 29, 00:13 UTC
By Leah I.

Fair Market Value

$600 - $800 USD

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$700 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for contacting Mearto. This is a set of Japanese figure paintings or prints. I believe they are from the 20th century. I’m unsure from your photographs whether these are prints or paintings, or a combination of techniques. Perhaps you can tell by looking closely at the surface or details. I am including some links below to sites that give ways to tell the difference. Some of the patterns on the clothing especially look like prints.

The style is unique (traditional subject matter but modern aspects), and I was hoping to find a piece by the same hand. I was unable to, unfortunately. Very generally, the pieces would be around $300 to $400, based on paintings and prints of approximately this size and complexity. The estimate above is the price for the set.

I wish I could be of more assistance. Please let me know if you have more questions or are able to determine the artist’s technique.

Print or painting? Texture, edges, etc.

A small print, for comparison. See fabric patterning:

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